Warhol: Bardot @ Gagosian Gallery

Freya Gosling visits the new Warhol exhibition and discovers why the glamour of Bardot is still just as hot as ever.

‘Brigitte Bardot was one of the first women to be really modern and treat men like love objects, buying them and discarding them. I like that.’ Andy Warhol

The ultimate sex siren and international icon, Brigitte Bardot is revealed here in her full-lipped voluptuous glory. The exhibition of rare Andy Warhol screen prints is on for a short time at London’s Gagosian Gallery. Open-mouthed and crowned by tresses of wavy locks, Bardot glows like a burning beacon in sumptuous colours from the white walls of the Wesminster gallery. Jaws drop as the famous doe-eyes gaze out at bustling shoppers along busy Davies Street, and people actually stop and stare at her, as they always have done.

By choosing these six prints alone to fill the entire space, Gagosian Gallery draws focus to the latest revival of the culture and spirit of our favourite sex symbols. The fashion, art, music and film: we’re all obsessed! Aside from the mounting popularity of flared jumpsuits, liquid liner ‘sixties eyes’ and blossoming bouffants, people everywhere are looking back to classic and iconic stars for inspiration and entertainment. Simon Curtis’ new film ‘My Week With Marilyn’ (which will open at the New York Film Festival) starring Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe is further evidence of the continuing allure of vintage glamour.

Gagosian exhibition closes November 12th… make sure you catch it x


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