Little Ghost meets…Jewellery Designer Chitra Karve

Karve Design is a unique world where the mathematics of design are exposed, incorporated and celebrated within jewellery. It’s where shape, form and function meet style. Sian Gray meets the creator, Chitra Karve.

When did you first start making jewellery?

Design has been in my blood from a young age.  My grandmother would always teach us how to draw new and exciting things.  When I was 10, I built a scale model of a shop I wanted to own with a gallery on a mezzanine floor, with a cafe below.

Which are your favourite pieces?

Each design is close to my heart as it’s a little piece of me.

PieRcubed is an idea that took 12 months of design, prototyping, analysis and refinement and as a result holds a lot of satisfaction and pride for me. The Timepiece jewellery range is my latest idea and I feel as though I’ve been able to invest my acquired design knowledge, learning from previous product ideas, to create a quirky yet appealing product range.

The timepiece range is beautiful, how did you decide to start using clockfaces?

I am naturally drawn to geometric design.  As such, when I happened to chance upon a watch repair shop selling bags of disused watchfaces and internal components I felt I could create a striking jewellery range. I am naturally drawn to the vintage and characterful elements,  I feel that this adds elegance and history to the design.

You use a lot of wood in your designs. Why is this?

I’ve always liked the approach and effect of using traditional, simple techniques that allow the natural beauty of wood to be heard within a design. I find sanding, routing and using the lathe very satisfying.

You’re based in the design capital, Clerkenwell. Does this influence your work?

The Clerkenwell jewellery houses contain beautiful designs, however, they are probably in more of a classical vein than Karve Design.  In addition, because I work in the design industry I’m constantly being stimulated by the creativity around me. I have an ever expanding mood board on a wall at home that I constantly add to as I chance upon new influences.

Your designs seem to be very focused on geometry, mathematical precision and shape, why is this?

I think there is a beauty in things that are regular, but random; the geometry of nature.  It’s something that I both identify with and that has become my identity.

What’s the next unusual material you’re going to incorporate?

Without giving too much away, I have a couple of jewellery designs incorporating second-hand comics, applied to jigsaw pieces, coming out soon.

Are you a dedicated follower of trends?

I don’t follow trends because they’re short-lived.  I try to adhere to my own design themes, without being too concerned with what others are doing.  I find this a more liberating way to work.

What’s the next step?

Developing new products, extending my range and website and taking these to London markets.

We LOVE these quirky designs. Visit the website to see more jewellery designs as well as furniture designs and art work.

For more information visit:


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