Little Ghost in Pictures | September

Long time, no see. LGHQ took a small break for summer. We took a trip to the West Coast of England for some surfing and went to Paris for some art and shopping. It’s been a good few weeks! We’re still mooching around London desperately trying to avoid the Olympic mayhem and taking refuge at the National to see London Road and the Tate for the Munch. We’ve been given a glimpse of an Indian summer today but Autumn is definitely descending. Check out Kim’s beautiful autumnal-like photos of a recent masked ball style party.We’ll be battling with the wind and rain in no time….


Little Ghost in Pictures | June

We know we’ve been unusually quiet this month, we’ve been busy bees (and the site had a few minor technical errors that put us out of action for a while) but we have lots coming up. We’ve been to the Bold Tendencies launch party in Peckham (which was, without a doubt, the busiest launch we have ever been to) and have been knee deep in mud at Latitude Festival. Reviews of both coming up shortly. There has also been a graduation, a trip to Stockholm and a new job so THAT is why we’ve been quiet. Lots coming up in July. Check back soon you lovely people. Thanks again. x

Little Ghost in May | Happy Jubilee y’all

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED. Or at least we thought it had when hours of sunburning, ice-cream eating and drinking overpriced Pimms filled our days. It was glorious. Whereas we at LG HQ spent most of our time on the rooftop garden above Queen Elizabeth Hall, Kim took these gorgeous pictures of our friends Sarah and Tasha frolicking in the West Midland countryside after their finals. June is going to be a good’n. Lots of exclusives and hopefully some decent snaps of our forthcoming trips to Florence and Morocco.

Hope the Jubilee weekend and bank holiday have been great for y’all. Here’s one of our favourite overheard quotes of the weekend: “So, is Jubilee like….a King?”

Happy Birthday Kim!

It’s been a busy few weeks with Birthdays popping up left, right and centre. As much as we would love every single post to be a tribute to our nearest and dearest, it might lack the culture (unless birthday culture is a thing…maybe it IS a thing?)

However, this one is a big one and as such it’s a big must! It’s Kim’s Birthday TODAY. Not only has she been quite simply the driving force behind the Little Ghost design and creative structure, including lots of our fashion pieces, she’s also been a bloody marvelous girl to know these past few years. AND she does all this while being the size of a Candyfloss bubble.

Happy Birthday lovely Kim.xx

Bring me Sunshine | LG goes to Edinburgh

The sun is out. THANK GOD. London was absolutely beautiful today with lots of frozen yoghurts and frappuccinos to be had. We’ve already got a vino-on-the-common plan forming for tomorrow.

Check out these snaps. They’re taken from a recent trip to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh that Kim took with some friends. Look at that blue sky! That’s what we’re talking about. Enjoy the sun Ghostlings.x

Up Close and Very Personal | Skin Deep @ HayHill

We’ve got to be careful with how we word this. Firstly, because we don’t want this to come across too pornographic but mainly because the search engine will pick up on particular words we use and the blog will only attract the sexually promiscuous, as happened when we wrote a post on Art and BDSM.

The difficulty is however that Jamie McCartney’s latest exhibition at HayHill gallery on Cork Street is sexual, it is explicit and it is completely unashamed of being so. In fact, for Skin Deep, McCartney actively forces his audience to confront what has for so long been hidden away in Art and society at large: the vagina. There, we said it.

The Great Wall of Vagina is McCartney’s most striking piece in the exhibition. It is a 9 metre long polyptych that consists of four hundred plaster casts of vulvas. The Great Wall effectively breaks down the barriers of public and private and in doing so destroys all previously conceived notions of ‘normal’. The effect it has is surprising. Despite the shock tactic and the wall’s ability to fixate, we didn’t leave the exhibition with the overwhelming sense of being unusual or different or even with the reassurance of being ‘normal’. The reason for this, we can conclude after getting up close and personal with 400 vaginas, is that normal simply does not exist. It’s not a cliché, it simply doesn’t. Instead, McCartney achieves in lifting the anxiety that has for so long encircled female genitalia.

Despite the humorous name and the spectacle created, McCartney has used his artistic ability to very cleverly confront genitalia, make it a talking point and release it from the ties of embarrassment and shame. As McCartney says: ‘It’s not vulgar, it’s vulva’.

Skin Deep also features McCartney’s latest body of work Physical Photography which photographs the human form without cameras but with honesty. The exhibition continues until June 2nd and we thoroughly recommend it.

New Video for L.A. Woman // The Doors

After visiting Bournemouth last weekend, I’ve only just come out of the idyllic seaside bubble that I was in. It was the most perfect weekend. Sun, sea, sand, a fabulous soundtrack complete with plenty of 70s classics and a hella lotta whiskey. Yup, that’s an ideal weekend in my eyes. Simple things.

Anyway, flicking back through my photos of the weekend has proven two things: 1) I can’t take photos during and after drinking whiskey. 2) I can’t take photos full stop. So in order to share how perfect the weekend was (and to eternalise it forever in blog form), I’ve browsed old albums on facebook and found these gems. My friend Rob took them in Bournemouth about a year ago. Since then the surfboard collection has grown and the VW camper is still going strong (amazingly). Hope you like them.

And finally- have you heard that The Doors have teamed up with American skaters to produce a new video for their song LA Woman? If I didn’t want to move to L.A, live by the beach 24/7 and take up surfing and/or skateboarding before, I do now. Enjoy!